Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina

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Activated Alumina

Activated alumina is one of the major adsorbent/ desiccant used world wide for moisture removal,

Can also be deployed as a purification treatment,desiccant and catalyst carrier.  FEATURES : A white or slightly red particle, ball-shaped or roll-shaped, activated alumina is insoluble in water and organic solvent, soluble in strong acids and alkalis, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. APPLICATIONS : 1) Catalyst for recovering sulfur in the petrochemical industry. 2) Excellent defluorination agent for drinking water and for recycling alkyl-hydrocarbon in alkylbenzene production. 3) Reclaiming agent for de-acidic in transformer oil, and de-arsenic agent in the Acid industry. 4) Adsorbent in the production of hydrogen peroxide solution. 5) Catalyst for polyhydro-ammonia by substituting silica gel with ball-shaped product. 6) Desiccator and purifying agent.


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