BLEACH 14/15% Sodium Hypochlorite.
   CHLORINE GRANS. Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate. 55% Available Chlorine.
   DICHLOR Stable and quick dissolving powder and tablet form. Also available as effervescent chlorine disinfectant tablets (1g)
   CALCIUM HYPO. Calcium Hypochlorite Granules 65% Available Chlorine.Unstable and slow dissolving.
   TRICHLOR TABLETS Stable Slow Dissolving Chlorine Tablets 200grm & 20gm sizesTrichloroisocyanuric Acid. pH MINUS Dry Acid / Sodium Bisulphate. Reduces pH and Alkalinity of pool water. pH PLUS Sodium Carbonate. Raises pH of pool water.
   SODIUM BICARBONATE Used to raise total alkalinity of pool water when levels full below 80-140ppm
   CALCIUM CHLORIDE For raising pool water calcium hardness.
   ALUM. SULPHATE When added to skimmer basket to sand filter it tightens the media bed allowing POWDERED/KIBBLED finer filtration. Use when pools are green or water is hazy/cloudy.
   DI HALO BROMINE Bromine stick tablet, slow dissolving for use through specialist dispensers. Bromine has no smell or taste and is less corrosive in the atmosphere than chlorine - ideal for indoor pool use.
   SOD. THIOSULPHATE Product used for dichlorination.
   LIQUID CALGON Liquid Calgon 20% Solution. PERSOFT Liquid Water Softening Treatment for Hard Water. Prevents Scaling.
   ANTIFOAM SOLN. Concentrated Defoaming Agent.
   OTHER PRODUCTS HCL, Salt, Sauna Eucalyptus milk, Goodbye Green Pool - long term algaec treatment, Diatomaceous Earth, Sand 16/30, Cyanuric Acid conditioner. Branded products HTH and Fichlor also available.