CS PDS 100 Cold Immersion Solvent, Paint/Ink Stripper and Degreaser.
   SVG grade for vapour degreasers also available.
   PCS 200 Brush-on Gel Paint & Varnish Stripper - Wood and Metal.
   PR THICK Thickened Paint Remover.
   PR THIN Solvent Paint Remover (evaporation retarded).
   EPOSTRIP 26 Cold Immersion, Epoxy, Acrylic and Powder Coating Stripper.
   CS 201 Solvent & Acid Activated Cold Immersion Paint & Powder Coating Stripper with wax seal. Removes Modern Paint Coatings From Mild Steel. Also available as gel
   CS 202 Cold Immersion Carbonised Oil, Grease and Paint Remover with Seal. Suited for the Reconditioning/Cleaning of Engine, Machine, Motor, Compressor and Burner Comps.
   CS 204 As PCS 202 without Seal.
   CS 203 Water Dilutable Heated Immersion Carbonised Oil, Grease and Paint Remover. Suited to many Reconditioning & Maintenance Operations of Motor Components.
   CS 205A Acid Activated Conc. Solvent Dilutable Paint, Powder Coating,Glue,Mastik & Rubber Stripper/Remover.(SM)
   CS 206 Heated Alkali, Water Dilutable Product For Removing Carbonized Oil, Grease, Paint & Lacquers From Ferrous Metals. Provides Light Duty Derusting.
   CS 207 Cold Immersion Paint & Lacquer Stripper. Removes Modern Coatings from Metal Components.
   (SM) CS 208F Non Chlorinated Solvent Paint Stripper. Dissolves Resins. Replaces Meth. Chloride Based Strippers in Many Applications.
   (SM) CS 209K General Purpose Alkali Activated Solvent Based Paint Stripper.
   (SM) CS 210 Request Information.
   (SM) CS 211 Hot, Conc. Alkaline, Solvent Accelerated Paint Stripper for use on ferrous substrates. Removes cured and uncured paint & varnish
   (SM) CS 212 Acid accelerated, Inhibited, Meth. Chloride based cold stripper. Removes a multitude of finishes (cured paint & powder coating) from ferrous metals.
   (SM) CS 215 Jig stripper, light duty stripping for powder coatings and paints
   CS 306 Heated Water Dilutable Immersion Decarboniser, Rust and Lead Remover for Cleaning Ferrous Parts of Comb. engines; pistons, valves & cylinder heads.
   (SM) CS 311 Alkali activated jig stripper, good replacement for Methy Chloride strippers.
   (SM) CLEANSING SOL CAUSTIC Alkali activated paint stripper for non cured paint.
   (SM) OIL SEAL Oil seal for preventing solvent loss from solvent based paint stripping tanks. BOOTHCOAT Clear water based coating for paint spray booths.