CS NDB Wetting Agent for Turfed Areas.
   CS 304 Deburring Cleaner, Polishing Detergent For Metal Components.
   (SM) FLAME RETARDANT Water Based, Coats Surfaces and Inhibits Fire.
   QUICKCRETE Fast Setting Cement Ideal for Underwater Use.
   CS ANTI SPATTER Spatter Release Agent. VK1
   Fogging Solutions For Use With Pulsfog Fogging Machine. Application Of VK2 Oil Soluble Chemicals in Greenhouses.
   DUSTING POWDER Various pack sizes available.
   WATER DETECTION To indicate the presence of suspended free water in fuel.
   PASTE ENGINEERS Original Stuarts Micrometer Engineers Marking Blue. A non-abrasive easily
   MICROMETER BLUE spread marking paste.
   GALUTEC/GOTEC LEAK Locates the smallest leak in gas or pressurized air vessels, pipes etc
   DETECTOR SPRAY Product has built in Corrosion Inhibitors.
   VANTICO/CIBA Araldite range of adhesives.
   LINX PRINTING Range of Inks and Solvents.
   DEB Handcare products and Cleaning Chemicals.
   HUMBROL Enamel spray paints and adhesives.
   HOLTS/BODYCARE Spray paints and refillable Colormix aerosols.
   BOSTIK Industrial Adhesives, Sealants and Domestic products.
   EVOSTIK Adhesives and Sealants.
   MOLYKOTE Speciality lubricants.
   DOW CORNING Silicone products.
   NICKERSON Woodfillers, Adhesives etc.
   FOSROC Building Construction and Repair Products.
   ROCOL Greases, Lubricants and Aerosol products.
   UPOL David's Isopon P38 Easysand Fillers.
   APPCHEM/TINTOMET. Water Testing and Analysis Products.
   KILLGERM Pest control products.
   BELZONA Metal Repair products.
   LAB CHEMICALS Range of Laboratory grade chemicals available.
   PACKAGING Range of empty packaging and dispensing equipment available.