CS PDW/S Heavy Duty Dewatering Solution offering up to 6 Months Corrosion Protection.
   CS PDW/A Medium Duty Dewatering Solution offering up to 3 Months Corrosion Protection.
   CS PDW/B Light Duty Dewatering Solution offering a few days Corrosion Protection.
   CS PC 90 PLUS AEROSOL Penetrating, Dewatering, Lubricant.
   CS PENETRATING PLUS Bulk Penetrating, Dewatering, Lubricant.
   CS HF LUBE 77 AEROSOL High Flashpoint Lubricant & Demoisturizing Spray ideal for waterlogged areas.
   CS GPO Graphited Penetrating & Lubricating Oil. PSL-T Solvent Carried Silicone Lubricant.
   (SM) SILICONE SPRAY Aerosol Spray Containing Silicone Lubricant.
   Plusgas, WD40 and AC90 Aerosols also available. Also see Aerosol Range.