CS GLASS WASH For use in enclosed Glass Washing machines.
   CS RINSE AID Prevents Streaking and Spotting in Automatic Dish Washers.
   CS ADD Automatic Dishwasher Detergent.
   CS ADD POWDER Automatic Dishwasher Powder.
   CS TANNIN REMOVER General Stain Remover for Coffee/Tea pots and machines.
   CS BEER LINE CLEANER Highly Concentrated for Cleaning Beer Pumps and Pipe Lines APPLIANCE
   CS DESCALER Plastic Kettle Fur Remover Powder/Crystals.
   CS PHOSCALE Multi use liquid General Purpose/Appliance Descaler.
   GREEN VELVET Washing Up Liquid. 15% Active.
   CS MASTERCLEAN H/duty Bactericidal Cleaner and Degreaser. Passes BS EN 1276 & BS 6471.
   CS MASTERCLEAN RTU Bactericidal Cleaner and Degreaser in ready to use (RTU) spray bottles. PassesEN 1276 & BS 6471. P
   CS A 16 Industrial Strength Oven Cleaner. DEEP CLEAN. DEG.
   Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser & Carbon Remover.
   CS MOD CLEANING COMP Slightly Thickened Oven cleaner. STAIN. ST.POLISH Polishes & Protects Stainless Steel Doors e.g. Refridgerators & Freezers.
   CS STAIN. ST. CLEANER Aerosol stainless Steel cleaner and polish. Leaves a thin protective film.
   CS Heavy Duty LAUNDRY POWDER General Purpose.
   LAUNDRY TABLETS Tablet soap 150gm.
   BLEACH 3/5% Sodium Hypochlorite 3/5%.
   SALT Water Softener Granular Salt.