Many automotive brand names available. Also refer to listings for paints, graffiti cleaners, rust treatments hard surface cleaners, paint stripper/decarbonisers and specialist product ranges.

   Ad Blue- IBC Equipment
   AD Blue- Barrell Equipment
   AD Blue- Spares and Accessories
   Antifreeze BS6580
   Antifreeze Long Life OAT
   Antifreeze various additional grades on request
   Cleansing Solution VC1 Heavy Duty Non Caustic Traffic Film Remover.
   Cleansing solutions VC2 Lighter Duty Non Caustic Traffic Film Remover.
   CSCS 100SS Car Shampoo with Silicone.
   CSCS 100S Car Shampoo.
   CSCS 200F Car Shampoo Designed for Recirculating Equipment.
   CS 307F ANTISTATIC Contains Antistatic Agents for GP Cleaning of Vehicle panels to minimize post clean dust attraction.
   CS CAR WAX POLISH Cleansing solution Car wax polish, as well as Turtle Wax available.
   CS SPRAYWAX Mineral Oil Based Spraywax.
   CS VINYL POLISH Trigger spray polish for vinyl upholstery.
   CS DEEPCLEAN 4 Non Caustic TFR & Rust Stain Remover.
   CS DEEPCLEAN 4 GEL As Above But Ready to Use Gel Providing Prolonged Contact On Vertical Surfaces.
   CS LOCOCLEAN Non Hazardous/Non Caustic TFR & Rust Stain Remover.
   CS SUPERWASH Non-caustic, Non Hazardous Powerful Degreaser and Traffic Film Remover.
   CS SUPERWASH PLUS With added ingredients to improve the surface sheen after cleaning.
   CS PP 400 Concentrated Acid Rust & Scale Remover Ideal For Aluminium Rolling Stock.
   CS TRANSPORT 400 Mild Efficient Acid Rust & Scale Remover For Painted & Unpainted Rolling Stock.
   CS STOCKWASH Thickened Oxalic Acid Cleaner & Rust Remover For Rolling Stock.
   CS PWW Highly Concentrated Windscreen Wash/Deicer down to - 400C. C-THRU Ready to use Windscreen Wash/Deicer down to - 200C.
   CS PGP 10 Upholstery Cleaner / Multi purpose Cleaner.
   CS GLASS CLEANER Multi purpose, even removes nicotine from hard surfaces.
   CS ADHESIVE CLEANER Solvent, Adhesive/Sealant Remover (Body Wipe). PTL Tyre Mounting (and all purpose) Lubricant.
   DEICING FLUID Water Resistant Deicing Fluid Suitable for Rail Deicing. Available as Gel or Liquid. Liquid Thickens on contact with water.
   DEICING LIQUID Automotive bulk form Deicing Liquid.
   ENGINE LAQUER Engine Laquer ( SM).
   GUNWASH THINNERS Various Thinners grades available.
   REVITE PRODUCTS Range of engine and fuel oil additives.