CS 10 Medium Duty Caustic Free High Foam Powder Oil & Grease Remover for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals.
   CS 11 Heavy Duty Caustic Free Low Foam Powder Oil & Grease Remover for Ferrous & some Non Ferrous Metals.
   CS 12 Highly Alkaline Powder Degreaser & Decarboniser for Ferrous Metals.(SM)
   CS 13 Low Foam Spray Powder Cleaner with Corrosion Inhibitors for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals.
   CS 14 Uninhibited Alkaline Powder Cleaner/Degreaser primarily for Ferrous Metals.(SM)
   CS 16 Highly Alkaline Liquid Caustic Cleaner & Degreaser. Will Remove Paint, Fat & Oil.
   CS 18 Non Caustic Water Based Alkaline Cleaner With Corrosion Inhibitors.
   CS 25 Alkaline powder for mild degreasing of ferrous & non ferrous metals, via immersion cleaning. Specifically designed for use prior to Manganese Phosphate process.
   Cleansing Solutions INHIBITOR Dip Tank Corrosion Inhibitor for metal components - specifically designed for jigs, etc following stripping
   Cleansol Low Foam Low Foaming Liquid Metal Spray Cleaner/degreaser.
   Cleansol Super PLUS As above with additives providing additional rust inhibition.
   Cleansol DIEWASH Alkaline spray cleaner specifically designed for cleaning compressors and dies.
   SOD.HYDROXIDE Caustic Soda Powder/Pearl
   POWDER/SOLNS Caustic Soda Solutions available in varying Concentrations. 27, 32 & 40%.
   CS PCDR Carbon Deposit Remover from boilers.
   Cleansol (SM) PERF. PASS Inhibits Corrosion by Passivating the Surfaces in Plate Heat Exchangers After Acid Cleaning.