Absorbent Granules for all Liquid Spillages.
JMC SANISORB Emergency Disinfecting Spillage Compound. Avoids Infection when Clearing Bodily Fluids. BIOHAZARD SPILLKIT For safe disposal of clinical waste - body fluid spills. Contents:- Gloves, mask, apron, sloop, bag, bactericidal and sanisorb sachet.

Full range of maintenance, oil and chemical spill absorbant cushions, booms and socks as well as emergency spill kits available.


   CS 402A Highly Conc. Inhibited HCl Acid based Descaler/Deruster.
   CS 402C Inhibited, Lemon Perfumed acidic based toilet cleaner and descaler
   CS 402E Conc.Inhib HCl acid based Descaler/Deruster/Cement & Mortar Stain Remover.
   CS 402E THICK Gel form ideal for concrete & scale removal from vertical surfaces
   CS PP 400 Phosphoric Acid based Deruster/Descaler and Aluminium Brightener.
   CS 6 Conc. Dilutable, Low Foam Degreaser and Rust & Scale Remover From Steel.
   CS RUST OFF Dip tank scale & rust remover for metal components subsequent to oven or dip tank paint stripping
   CS10 Highly Conc. Phosphoric Based Cleaner, Rust & Scale Remover.
   CS POWDER DESCALER Inhibited Sulphamic Acid based Descaler with Dye Indicator.
   CITRIC ACID Anhydrous Mild Descaler. Ideal for appliance descaling.
   CS HF ACID Hydrofluoric Acid for Stone Cleaning.
   CS 14 Highly concentrated blend of acids for cleaning Aluminium
   CS Highly Conc. Inhibited Acid Drain Cleaner.
   CS TILE CLEAN SUPER Citric Acid based cleaner designed for use on sensitive materials.
   Cleansing Solutions BWF Bottle Washing Fluid.
   CleansSol CARBON Special Product for the Removal of Calcium Carbonate Deposits from Plate Heat Exchangers & Related Equipment.